Calcium Carbide FactoryWho we are

The Company's calcium carbide and lime manufacturing activities were carried out since 1972.

MCB Industries Sdn. Bhd. operates a fully integrated plant which uses the most modern technology and the plant comprises of two Calcium Carbide Furnaces with a total capacity of 3600 tonnes per month and a modern Lime Kiln with a capacity of 7500 tonnes of quicklime per month.

The factory is also equipped with an ultra-modern automatic Hydrated Lime Plant with a capacity of 3000 tonnes per month.

MCB Industries Sdn. Bhd. is the leader in calcium carbide and lime production in Malaysia.

The Company is able to meet the country's demands as well as for exports. The Company through its subsidiary, MCB Quarries Sdn. Bhd., is also involved in quarrying operations to ensure adequate supply of quality limestone for its manufacturing operation.

The Company had also expanded its business to include production of acetylene gas, quicklime powder and putty lime.


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